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The Master of Education (MEd) in Higher Education Management prepares scholar practitioners for positions working within institutions of higher education. Designed for domestic and international students seeking positions as early career professionals and those already working in the field, students pursue one of two tracks, either management or student services, depending on their professional focus. Those who choose the management track aspire to careers within postsecondary education in areas that include facilities management, development, human resources, financial management and budgeting, and other business aspects of the higher education enterprise. Those who choose the student services track aspire to careers that involve service to and engagement directly with students, including all aspects of student affairs as well as academic affairs and central administration positions that focus on serving students.

Students in both tracks of the Higher Education Management MEd program take a core set of courses to gain an understanding of historical, political, philosophical, and social elements that shape and reshape higher education and to gain competency in the basic areas of education. These courses include Higher Education Administration, the Politics and History of Higher Education, Student Development Theory, and Research Methods. Students who pursue the management track also take courses that focus on organizations and operations management, including aspects related to planning, budgeting, human resources management, and organizational development. Those who pursue the student services track focus on student services management, program development, and assessment courses, as well as other courses focused on serving and developing students using diverse perspectives. To further enhance their educational knowledge, students in both tracks have the opportunity to take elective courses within the Administrative and Policy Studies department that focus on higher education.

Students pursuing the MEd in either track are required to have at least one internship experience as a part of their studies. The internship experience is designed to add breadth and depth to the masters-level training by offering opportunities within a college or university setting working on program planning, evaluation, assessment, administration, training, advising, supervising, and mentoring. Students employed in full-time positions have the option to embed their internship experience within the current functional area where they work, taking on a project or role within their current functional areas that extends their professional capacity. The internship includes approximately 300 hours of work intensive on-site supervision. In conjunction with the internship, MEd students take a Higher Education Internship course that provides additional support and professional development as guided by the instructor. Priority for paid positions is given to students who undertake full-time study. Higher Education Management faculty members assist in placing students in internships position during the yearly preview day, among other placement activities.

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