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Developmental Movement - Master of Science (MS)

The MS in Developmental Movement is no longer accepting applications.

The graduate specialization in Developmental Movement focuses on the control and learning of motor skills, how perception, attention, and memory impact this process, and the underlying neurological correlates. A unique feature involves opportunities for research or collaboration with various University of Pittsburgh academic departments. The curriculum includes study of the mechanisms underlying motor performance and learning as well as applications to therapeutic settings and to the design of instructional programs in sport and physical education. Students specialize in a combination of motor development, motor learning, and motor control. Clinical experiences in the Kinder Kinetics program allow for graduate students to implement individualized physical education programs for children with varying motor performance capabilities.


Completing the program in Developmental Movement enhances a person's ability to work with typical and special needs children and adults in a movement and physical activity setting. Students from occupations such as teaching, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy enroll in this program. Students apply their course work by working with typical children and children with special needs in the Kinder Kinetics Program.

Careers in Developmental Movement

Graduates of the program are currently employed in a variety of positions. Many of the master's students return to their positions as health and physical education teachers, physical or occupational therapists, and adapted physical education specialists.


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