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Master of Education in Elementary Education

Elementary Education - MEd

This is an online program. For more information about our online programs see Pitt Online.

What are the goals of the MEd program?

  • To enable teachers to enhance both their understanding and ability to meet the needs of the diverse learners in their classrooms.
  • To enable teachers to advance their understanding f one or more content areas.
  • To enable teachers to broaden their understanding of educational research, educational theories as they apply to practice, action research practices, and educational policy.

What are the MEd program options in Elementary Education?

There is one 36-credit MEd option, however, those students who received their teaching certificate from the University of Pittsburgh will be admitted to the program with advanced standing. These students will need to take only 18 additional credits and will use 18 credits from their graduate certification program to complete the 36-credit requirement.

Similarly, if a student completed a graduate education program at another university, he/she will be granted up to 12 advanced credits. These courses will be transferred into the 36-credit MEd program and an additional 24 credits will be completed at the University of Pittsburgh.

Who is eligible for each of these options?

  • Former certification candidates who completed their coursework at the University of Pittsburgh
  • People who completed a certification in an undergraduate program
  • People who completed a graduate-level certification program at a university other than the University of Pittsburgh
  • International students who are not eligible for a teacher certification program but would like to earn a masters degree in elementary education

How will I design my program?

If you meet program requirements and are admitted into the MEd program, you will receive a letter offering you admission with the name of your advisor. Once you accept the offer of admission, contact your advisor to begin planning your program. Registration is done online so the curricula for the programs found in this website help you determine which courses you can choose to take.

What other requirements will there be in addition to the courses?

  • During the last term of your program, contact your advisor to request a take- home comprehensive exam. You are to take only three hours to complete it and must return it within one week after receiving it.
  • Within the first two weeks of the term in which you will be graduating, you must contact the Admissions and Enrollment Center (412-648-2230) and request that an application for graduation be sent to you or you can stop in (5300 Posvar) and pick up the necessary paperwork.

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