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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The University of Pittsburgh School of Education’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programs prepare students to be nationally competitive and highly qualified for research careers in both academic and non-academic institutions. Our full-time, research-intensive PhDs produce scholars who demonstrate excellent writing and research skills, independent scholarship and productivity, and proficiency in teaching. Under the guidance of our distinguished graduate faculty, students will have the opportunity to produce peer-reviewed publications, present at professional conferences, and collaborate on grant-writing and review, positioning them to excel in their careers as researchers and faculty. Because the PhDs are full-time, students can be fully immersed in their coursework and research in preparation for an impactful scholarly career.

Language, Literacy, and Culture - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

The Language, Literacy, and Culture (LLC) PhD is for students who aim to conduct research on the interconnection of culture, language, and literacy in both formal and informal educational settings. The goal of the LLC program is to develop interdisciplinary knowledge complemented by specialized knowledge of teaching and learning in foreign and second language, literacy, social studies, and early childhood education. We frame the exploration of teaching and learning within perspectives that promote equity, social justice, and democratic values.

Faculty and students in our program study issues such as:

  • Civic education and racial identity among disenfranchised populations
  • Critical historiography in secondary social studies classrooms
  • Sociocultural approaches to foreign and second language acquisition
  • Comprehension instruction in the context of text-based discussions of informational texts
  • Writing, language, and grammar instruction in high school English classrooms
  • New and multiple literacies in urban classrooms
  • Representations in children’s literature
  • Immigrant families’ home literacy practices

Faculty are actively involved in collaborations within the University of Pittsburgh World History Center; Center for Urban Education; Women’s Studies; College of Arts and Sciences; Center for Race and Social Problems; and with University Prep, a 6-12 partnership school; and Falk School, a K-8 laboratory school.

As members of the LLC community, students engage closely with and learn from faculty who conduct research in the field and have a strong commitment to high-quality teaching. Through a combination of coursework, research collaborations with faculty, and teaching and supervision practicum experiences, students prepare for careers in research and teaching universities, research institutes, educational non-profits, and educational consulting.

The PhD in Language, Literacy, and Culture includes a core set of courses designed to engage students in an exploration of teaching and learning from a variety of perspectives: linguistic, critical, psychological, historical, and sociocultural.

LLC PhD Handbook

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