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Quotes From Area Teachers

Quotes From Area Teachers

"This project gives teachers a chance to take time out to share with colleagues, try new strategies and then revisit success and frustrations on an on-going basis. This is really what most professional development courses need - consistent follow-through and follow-up."

"This project provides time to look at 'what works.'"

"I initiated several reading strategies with my students that I wouldn't have tackled before, such as Word Building. I have a more in-depth understanding of my students' development from LEADERS testing results."

"LEADERS gives me a chance to validate our current best practices and incorporate the latest research into our classrooms."

"You're getting ideas that people have used in settings similar to yours."

"Somebody is always there.
You can always reach somebody.
The response is immediate whenever we e-mail or call.
You know somebody is coming to your school at least once a month."

"LEADERS helped me focus on the reading-writing connection."

"I like being treated as a professional,
which we all I think felt here during the project.
I appreciate that."

"My students now have strategies that they can use independently."

LEADERS is "a wonderful way to work with your peer group to get new ideas. It's an invigorating experience, because you go back to your school, anxious to try something."

"Four Blocks is helping us meet the needs of our special education students."

"Word Building has made significant improvements with my children;
they can read almost anything now."

Morning Meetings have "really built a classroom community in my room."