University of Pittsburgh School of Education

University of Pittsburgh Summer Team

Pitt summer staff are in addition to the year-round staff

Rebecca Knaub

Rebecca Knaub is a certified Reading Specialist working at the University of Pittsburgh on her EdD, focusing on collaboration of the reading specialist and classroom teacher. She graduated in 1993 from Juniata College with a B.A in Education and received her MEd from the University of Pittsburgh in 1997. Currently, Rebecca is a Reading Specialist at Richland Elementary School. Rebecca worked as the University of Pittsburgh Reading Center Summer Supervisor and a LEADERS Summer Research Team Member.

Toni Saul
Allegheny Valley School District
Pearl Avenue
Cheswick, PA 15024
(724) 274-6500

Toni Saul has had a wide range of experiences during her teaching career. She has been an elementary teacher and a reading specialist, and she has taught reading at the middle school and high school levels. Recently, Toni was on a sabbatical leave to work on an EdD degree in Reading and Language Arts at the University of Pittsburgh. The opportunity to work on the LEADERS project was one of many opportunities Toni had during her sabbatical year. Her present position is a Reading Recovery teacher and a Title I Coordinator at Allegheny Valley School District (724-274-6500). Her major interests include early reading instruction and early reading interventions.

Kimberly E. DeHainaut
Penn State University
3550 Seventh Street Road
New Kensington, PA 15681
(724) 334-6713

Kimberly DeHainaut (Kim) has been a member of the faculty at Penn State New Kensington for nine years and is presently an Instructor. Her areas of emphasis involve teaching and curriculum development of the Language and Literacy Education courses, Educational Statistics courses, and the Technology for Teachers program at Penn State. A PhD Candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, she performed a statistical analysis of both the LEADERS observational and teacher submitted evaluation material.