University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Dr. Rita M. Bean

University of Pittsburgh
5148 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
(412) 648-1718

Co-Director of the LEADERS project, Dr. Bean has been a classroom teacher and a reading specialist and teaches graduate reading courses at the University of Pittsburgh. She is active in reading organizations on the state and national levels. Her interests include the role of the reading specialist, reading instruction, and reading teacher preparation.

Dr. Gregory A. Morris
(412) 648-7314

Dr. Morris is Co-Director with Dr. Rita Bean of the LEADERS project. He teaches literacy courses for students seeking certification to teach in the elementary schools and reading education courses for students pursuing reading specialist certification or advanced study. He has been a classroom teacher, reading specialist, reading supervisor, and a director of reading and literature for an urban school district. His current interests include early literacy programs and practices, after-school tutorial and enrichment programs, and intergenerational mentoring programs.