University of Pittsburgh School of Education

Oral Questioning

LEADERS Handbook of Early Literacy Strategies and Activities

Time: 10-15 minutes
Group Style: Whole group
Grade Level: K-3


This activity will help children form good questions and also activate higher order thinking skills.


  • Everyday objects: soda can, candy bar, teddy bear, etc.


  1. Prominently place the object in the classroom at least one day before this lesson.
  2. Avoid answering, "What is this for?" before the lesson.
  3. Begin lesson by bringing attention to the object.
  4. Have students generate at least one question about the object.
  5. Take turns going around the class and sharing the questions.
  6. This is the time to answer their questions about the object.

Teacher Comments

You may consider choosing an object that will be relevant to the next story or theme that you will be teaching.