University of Pittsburgh School of Education

US Students of Color

At the SOE, we strive to maintain a landscape that is reflective of our progressively diverse nation and world, and are committed to increasing the racial diversity of our school. Enrollment data from the fall of 2015 indicates that 13% of our graduate student body identified as a U.S. students of color—approximately 6% of enrolled students identified as Black or African American; 3% identified as Hispanic/Latina/o; 2% of enrolled students identified as Multi/Biracial; and 2% as Asian American. At the time these data were reported, we did not have any students who identified as American Indian or Alaskan Native or as Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.  

The Diversity Scholars Program is reflective of our ongoing commitment to increasing the racial diversity of the SOE student body, and importantly, providing support for students of color once they join our campus community. The SOE also boasts a vibrant Center for Urban Education that is led by H. Richard Milner IV, who is a nationally recognized and acclaimed scholar of urban education. In addition, an ad-hoc committee, called GET REAL (Graduate Enrollment Targets Realized via Equity-Minded Approaches and Leadership), was created to address, create awareness, and offer resolutions for working to increase racial enrollment equity within the school. These examples serve as just a few of many in the SOE’s quest to create a more inclusive and equitable environment for its populations of color.

The following are a substantive, yet not exhaustive, list of resources that are meant to serve as a general guide to U.S. students of color who are looking for varying levels of involvement and/or support.

For additional groups and resources, please visit:

At Pitt:

ANKUR: Indian Graduate Student Association (IGSA)
“The main objective of our organization is to provide an opportunity to bridge the social gap among all the graduate students of Indian origin at Pitt and share the joy and cultural heritage of India. ANKUR is also concerned to provide a helping hand to the new incoming students in getting oriented to the U.S. and to foster understanding about India and her culture among the Pitt community at large.”

Asian Student Alliance
“The goal of the organization is to further the development of Asian American identity by recognizing Asian and American culture both separately and integrated. This is done through enhancing each member's interest and involvement in social, cultural, and political events. We support any acts that counter hatred or violence against any other group or people associated with the organization.”

Asian Studies Center
“The Asian Studies Center is Western Pennsylvania’s regional resource for research, teaching, learning and building connections about Asia.  Through 106 affiliated faculty with expertise spanning the academic disciplines, we foster multidisciplinary academic programming and community engagement.”

The Black Action Society
“Black Action Society is a student organization that is recognized and supported by the University of Pittsburgh as the representative body for Black students in attendance.”

The Caribbean & Latin American Student Association (CLASA)
CLASA aims “to promote cultural, educational, and social activities from the Caribbean & Latin American countries and provide opportunities for intellectual and cultural exchange, an environment that facilitates the transition to the University and Oakland community, and the opportunity to interact with other students of similar heritage and interests."

Center for Race and Social Problems
“Race and ethnicity matter in virtually all aspects of our society and are likely to matter more as our society becomes even more diverse. The mission of the center is to conduct applied social-science research on race, color, and ethnicity and their influence on the quality of life for all Americans.”

Center for Urban Education (CUE)
“CUE's vision is to be a transformative institution for asset-based discovery, knowledge sharing, and service to urban communities in order to improve educational experiences and the human condition.”

Chinese Students & Scholars Association (CSSA)
The CSSA offers a network of Chinese students, both international and domestic. They provide social clubs for activities such as table tennis, karaoke, and other sports, as well as advice and resources for navigating Pittsburgh physically, legally, financially, and socially.

Cross-Cultural and Leadership Development
“The Office of Cross Cultural and Leadership Development’s mission is to facilitate the holistic learning and development of the University of Pittsburgh community by providing opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to deepen their cultural awareness and understanding as well as develop leadership skills and a strong sense of civic responsibility.”

Hillel Jewish University Center
“Vision: To inspire every Jewish student to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and Israel.”

Pan-African Graduate & Professional Student Union
“The PanAf GPSU philosophy is to design blueprints and build collaborative mechanisms for the Black community on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt). As a union of Pan-African organizations and administrative entities, we seek to network with all charitable, diversity, minority professional, National Pan-Hellenic Council’s sororities and fraternities, and cultural organizations...”

Turkish American Student Association

“Turkish-American Student Association of Pittsburgh is a University of Pittsburgh funded student group that aims to create a bridge between the Turkish and American culture. Anyone can join this network to be aware of the TASA-Pitt events and to discuss the issues related to Pittsburgh Turkish Community.”

In Pittsburgh:

The African American Leadership Association (AALA)
“The African American Leadership Association (AALA) is a member-based organization dedicated to providing African Americans and minorities with: exposure, enrichment, opportunities and access to leadership positions.”

American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee
“A civil rights organization committed to defending the rights of people of Arab descent and promoting their rich cultural heritage.”

August Wilson Center for African American Culture
“The August Wilson Center engages regional and national audiences in its mission of preserving, presenting, interpreting, celebrating and shaping the art, culture and history of African Americans in Western Pennsylvania.”

Bengali Association of Pittsburgh (BAP)
 “The Bengali Association of Pittsburgh (BAP) is a non-profit organization that serves the ethnic Bengali population in Pittsburgh and neighboring communities. BAP promotes Bengali culture and awareness by hosting social, religious and cultural programs throughout the year.”

Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh Incorporated
“The Filipino American Association of Pittsburgh, Inc. is an association of Filipinos, Americans and friends whose primary purpose is to develop, promote, and preserve the Filipino cultural heritage among its members and the general public.”

Indian Cultural Association of Pittsburgh (ICAP)
“An organization in the North Hills of Pittsburgh whose purpose is to educate Indian students on the Hindi Language and Indian Culture, fostering participating in community activities and events thereby creating an awareness of India's rich heritage and culture.”

Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania
“The Japan-America Society of Pennsylvania (JASP) is an association of individuals, corporations and organizations in the state of Pennsylvania and its surrounding regions that was established in 1986. Its purpose is to promote understanding and enlightened relations between the United States and Japan.”

Korean Student Association of Pittsburgh (ICAP)
“KSAP is a student association with members from multiple different universities across Pittsburgh.”

Latin American Cultural Union (LACU)
“Our mission is to promote, preserve and enrich the Latin American culture, while unifying the Latino community and bridging with other communities within the Greater Pittsburgh Area.”

Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA)
“OCA is a national civil rights advocacy and educational organization dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Americans of Asian and Pacific Islander descent.”

Pittsburgh Black Pride
“Pittsburgh Black Pride is one of the oldest Pride Celebrations in the country that serves the needs of LGBTQ+ community members of color.”

Pittsburgh Turkish American Association
“Turkish-American Student Association of Pittsburgh is a University of Pittsburgh funded student group that aims to create a bridge between the Turkish and American culture. Anyone can join this network to be aware of the TASA-Pitt events and to discuss the issues related to Pittsburgh Turkish Community.”

The Soul Pitt
Provides resources and event listings for African Americans living in the city of Pittsburgh.

Urban League Young Professionals of Greater Pittsburgh (ULYP)
“ULYP’s purpose is to assemble Pittsburgh area professionals between the ages of twenty-one and thirty-nine committed to serving the region through activities that support the National Urban League’s Empowerment Goals. NUL launched I AM EMPOWERED, an initiative focusing on four aspirational goals for empowering communities to achieve in education, employment, housing, and healthcare, the cornerstones of our approach.”

WRCT: Revista Radial Latinoamericana and Brazilian Radio Hour
“Hear the latest news from Latin America including sports, politics, economics, local news interviews and events of the Hispanic community in Pittsburgh. Broadcast in Spanish and English.”