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International Students

Pitt's School of Education has long viewed education as beyond the border of the United States. Our involvement in Comparative, International, and Development Education (CIDE) dates back to the 1960s. Among the early faculty members involved in CIDE research and capacity-building initiatives include professors Don Adams, Rolland G. Paulston, Seth Spaulding, and John Singleton. These individuals led initial CIDE reform efforts in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

Today, we're engaged with our neighbors in every corner of the globe. The Institute for International Studies in Education (IISE) is involved with research and capacity-building initiatives of faculty members and School of Education students. IISE is comprised of a Senior Research Fellows team from across the School of Education and across campus. IISE also offers students the opportunity to get involved with a number of research, publication, service learning, grant writing, study abroad, outreach project, and internship opportunities and to work closely with faculty members and fellow students with a variety of backgrounds and expertise.

Work and Learn With Us

We want to remain active in the global community but also want the world's leading scholars and brightest students to come to the School of Education so we can work and learn together.

Thanks to the Internet and globalization of the economy, we're at a point where individuals are able to impact world events on a scale never before imagined.

Support for International Students

The world is depending on us to prepare leaders and CIDE professionals to participate in world affairs and an increasingly global economy. We have to give tomorrow's citizens the best tools to understand complex situations and function within them.

Each year, more than 1,800 students from 100 different countries arrive at the University of Pittsburgh to continue their educations. The School of Education currently enrolls scholars from Argentina, China, Columbia, Indonesia, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Mongolia, Nepal, Russia, South Sudan, and Taiwan.

Pitt prides itself on a wide variety of programs that help students from around the world. The Office of International Services provides immigration assistance, cultural support, and information on funding sources. The English Language Institute offers non-credit courses for international students who want to improve their English language skills.

If you have decided to apply online, please make sure to review the International Student Procedures for Admission.

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