Fredric Goss

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Fredric Goss

Fredric Goss

University of Pittsburgh
113 Trees Hall
Allequippa and Darragh Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15261
Phone: 412-648-8259


School Affiliations

Recent Publications

  • Taylor,. , E. F. Nagle , F.L. Goss, E. N. Rubenstein , & A. Simonson . Evaluating energy expenditure estimated by wearable technology during variable intensity activity on female collegiate athletes. International Journal of Exercise Science
  • Mays, R.J. ,F.L. Goss , E.F. Nagle, M. Gallagher ,L. Haile , M. Schafer , K.H. Kim , & R.J. Robertson . Cross validation of statistical models derived from the OMNI ratings of perceived exertion for prediction of peak oxygen consumption. International Journal of Sports Medicine
  • Prins, P.J., F. L. Goss, E. Nagle , K. Beals , R. Robertson, & M. Lovalekar. Energy drinks improve 5-km running performance in recreational endurance runners. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research
  • Goss, F L., R.J Robertson, A. Deldin, B. Barone Gibbs,& D. Hostler Observation of OMNI scale of perceived exertion during fire suppression training
  • Mays,R.J.,F.L.Goss, E.F. Nagle-Stilley,M. Gallgher,Jr., M.A. Schafer, K.H. Kim,& R.J. Robertson. Prediction of VO2peak using OMNI ratings of perceived exertion from a submaximal cycle exercise test.
  • Schafer, M.A., R.J. Robertson, S.J. Thekkada, M.Gallagher, S.E.Hunt, F.L. Goss,&D.Aaron , Validation of the OMNI RPE seven day exertional recall questionnaire. Research Quarterly for Exercise & Sport.84(3):363-372,2013.
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