Patricia Crawford

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Patricia Crawford

Patricia Crawford

University of Pittsburgh
5316 Wesley W. Posvar Hall
230 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260
Phone: 412-648-7558

Faculty - Associate Chairperson

Patricia A. Crawford is the associate chairperson for the Department of Instruction and Learning. An associate professor in the Early Childhood and Language, Literacy, and Culture programs, her academic interests focus on the connected areas of early literacy, children's literature, and teacher education.

Dr. Crawford is a former teacher of children in kindergarten and the primary grades. She has worked with prospective and practicing teachers throughout the United States and in a variety of international settings. She is the past co-chair of the Publications Committee for the Association for Childhood Education International and serves on several editorial boards, including Early Childhood Education Journal, The Reading Teacher, Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Literacy Research and Instruction, and Dragon Lode.

Dr. Crawford is a faculty coordinator for the Pitt in Florence Early Childhood Education Study Abroad Program. For more information about this opportunity to explore early childhood education in an Italian setting, please see

School Affiliations

Recent Publications

  • Fink, M., & Crawford, P. A. (2018). Learning and literacy with iPads. Early Years Bulletin, 5(3), 7-11.
  • Crawford, P. A., & Roberts, S. K. (2018). Literature as support: Using picturebooks to assist young children in coping with natural disasters and human crises. In J. Szente (Ed.), Assisting children caught in human crises and disasters: A resource book for early childhood teacher educators (pp. 171-180). New York: Springer.
  • Genest, M. T., & Crawford, P. A. (under review). Leveraging cooperator teacher knowledge to improve discourse in the field. In R. D. Johnson, J. J. Araujo, & N. Cossa (Eds.), Literacy: The Critical Role of Teachers' Knowledge. Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers 39th Yearbook (pp. 359-380).
  • Crawford, P. A. (2017). Back to the future with Patty Smith Hill. Childhood Education, 93, 213-217.
  • Crawford, P. A. (2017). Back to the future with Patty Smith Hill. Childhood Education, 93, 213-217.
  • Crawford, P. A., Sobolak, M. J., & Mattix Foster, A. (2017). Knowing and growing with mentor texts. Childhood Education, 93, 82-86.
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